About Chefmetrics

How Did This Happen?

About ChefMetrics
Frustration.  Chaos.  Exasperation.

Despite running a successful restaurant franchise, John desperately wanted to know how much his ingredients cost to make a particular recipe.

Knowing the True Food Cost would allow John to: 

  • Price each menu item based on True Food Cost to ensure profitability.
  • See how each monthly order guide impacts the True Food Cost and profitability of each menu item.
  • Remove or change old menu items that are not profitable.
  • Test new prospective recipes for profitability.
  • Create catering orders and view the True Food Costs to determine pricing for profitability.
  • Organize and standardize all recipes for easier use.
So we collaborated with John to create a software solution to know your True Food Costs.

And now we would like to share Chefmetrics with you!



Better Data Equals Better Decisions

If you do not know your True Food Costs, then you do not have the data to make good decisions.

  • How much should I charge for that menu item?
  • Is that menu item profitable?
  • What impact are my product costs having?

Be More Profitable!

The life or death of your restaurant depends on profits primarily derived from food revenue.  The KEY to knowing your food revenue is knowing your TRUE FOOD COSTS!  Chefmetrics can help you: 

  • Minimize your food costs.
  • Ensure profitability on your entire menu.
  • Help you run a successful and profitable restaurant.


More Benefits

Chefmetrics can also help you:

  • Organize and standardize your entire menu.
  • Test new recipes for profitability.
  • Run catering reports so you know what ingredients must be available and how much those ingredients will cost.


As a chef, I know that nothing is more important to profitability in the food business than the accurate pricing of your products – it is the key to a sustainable business model.  Understanding contribution margins, food cost percentages, and having readily available recommended selling price recommendations are all amazing features of ChefMetrics.  We were able to custom design features for our needs and the fact that it is cloud based and immediately updatable for all of our franchisees at the touch of a button from our corporate office is wonderful.  It is one of the fastest, most intuitive pricing software that I have seen.  It has reenergized pricing and cost control for our organization in an easy to navigate format.  Highly recommended.

Scott Molyneaux
Corporate Chef
Great Harvest Bread Company
Scott Molyneaux
Mike Ferretti

We have been looking for a contribution margin based pricing tool for years and saw nothing in the marketplace that met our needs.  We worked with the team at Chef Metrics to get exactly what we needed in terms of output and ease of use.  This program is game changing for us.  It allows us to easily see margins and the impact of input price changes.  I highly recommend this as a pricing tool.  I know of nothing better in the marketplace.  

Mike Ferretti
Great Harvest Bread Company

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